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Work-packages of the SAGE project

Work-packages descriptions
WP1 Project scientific co-ordination

Objective: to ensure the scientific co-ordination of the project and the dissemination of the results

Work Package Leader: CEPN

WP2 Review of infrastructure in France, Germany and United Kingdom

Objective: to evaluate the state of preparation in France, Germany and United Kingdom in facing the situation in case of long term radioactive contamination of the environment after a nuclear accident, as far as the radiation monitoring of the situation and the involvement of stakeholders are concerned.

Work Package Leader: GSF

WP3 Feedback experience in Belarus, including ETHOS

Objectives: to draw the lessons from 15 years of practical experience (including the ETHOS project) in Belarus in the management of the long term contamination from Chernobyl accident as far as the monitoring of the situation and the involvement of the stakeholders are concerned

Work Package Leader: BB RIR

WP4 Preparation of a handbook on radiation monitoring and protection in case of nuclear accident

Objective: to elaborate a pedagogic handbook presenting the theoretical and practical elements necessary to develop a practical radiation monitoring and protection culture among the population of a contaminated territory after a nuclear accident

Work Package Leader: CEPN

WP5 Running of Western Europe stakeholder panels

Objective: to involve Western European stakeholders (professionals, experts, authorities, representatives of the population) to develop and to validate the scheme proposed in the handbook

Work Package Leader: NRPB

Last update: Friday, September 3, 2004