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Documents of the SAGE project

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D05-02 Belarussian handbook for pregnant women and young mothers (pdf 2.3 Mb).

This handbook (available in Russian) has been edited by the Institute of Radiology, under the umbrella of the CORE programme. It is a good example of a guide that can help people in the evaluation of the radiological situation, by themselves.

D05-01 SFRP abstract (in French) (pdf 79 Kb).

Un exemple de démarche participative :
Elaboration d'un guide pratique dans le cadre du projet européen SAGE

Pascal Croüail, Céline Bataille, Samuel Lepicard

D04-03 SAGE Deliverable 2 (pdf 1.2 Mb).

Belarusian experience in the field of radiation monitoring and radiation protection of population
Role of governmental and non-govermental structures in solving these problems

Vassili Nesterenko, Alexei Nesterenko, Alexandre Sudas

D04-02 IRPA 11 paper (pdf 94 Kb).

Strategies and guidance for establishing a practical radiation protection culture in Europe in case of long term radioactive contamination after a nuclear accident: the SAGE project

Samuel Lepicard, Irene Fiedler, Vassili Nesterenko, Anne Nisbet, Alexandre Sudas

Paper presented at the 11th IRPA Regional Congress in Madrid 21-27 May 2004

D04-01 SAGE Deliverable 1 (pdf 769 Kb).

Review of Infrastructures and Preparedness Systems in France, Germany and United Kingdom for Potential Releases of Radioactivity into the Environment

Irene Fiedler, Gaby Voigt

D03-01 Presentation of the SAGE project (in French only) (pdf 25 Kb).

Stratégies pour le développement d’une culture de protection radiologique pratique en Europe en cas de contamination radioactive à long terme suite à un accident nucléaire

Pascal Croüail, Vassili Nesterenko, Anne Nisbet, Gaby Voigt, Alexandre Sudas

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